Do Snakes Have Ears?

Snakes are the worst animals when it comes to discussing their behaviour and their characteristics. They belong to the family of reptiles and have venom which can kill anybody if a snake bites one. There are anti-venoms which can help heal from the snake bite, but it is only possible when the proper medication is taken in time. The venom intensity varies, and it depends on the type of snake. 

The snakes which are found in Australia and other US regions have been found quite venomous and lethal if they bite someone. However, not all snakes are venomous as they have varied characteristics. There is a certain type of snakes which can fly and even swim as well. Therefore, it would be needless to say that snakes behaviour and characteristics vary from region to region. 

Do snakes have an ear?

Most of the times that we have seen snakes without ears and we might wonder how snakes can hear or get information about their surroundings. It should not come with a surprise that snakes do not have awareness about their surroundings and it should not be considered that they are deaf. They do not possess external ears, but it has been found that snakes can hear to some extent. 

How do they hear?

Snakes rely on sensing vibrations transmitted through the jaw. These creatures are highly sensitive to sound-induced vibrations transmitted via the skull, rather than sound pressure like other animals perceive. Snake charmers who have a flute with them to make the snake dance do not have to learn how to play the flute correctly instead they only need to know how to play the flute. Snakes will not hear the music; in fact, theyll only react to the musical instruments movements.

Snakes dont have eardrums

Snakes do not have eardrums. They have inner ear structures which have cochlea, and they can hear by feeling the vibrations alongside their jaws while they are crawling on the surface. Both sides of snakes' jaws aren't dependant on each other, and they help them to sense vibrations on either the right side or the left side which helps them to find the sound source.

They have mechanoreceptors

Mechanoreceptors are sensory nerves which are spaced throughout the skin of the body and are connected to the spinal cord which enable the snakes to feel vibrations that carry through the ground. These vibrations move along the spinal nerves through the body towards the brain which processes them for the snake to recognise sounds. 

Snakes can also pick up sound waves through the air because their skull vibrates when a sound wave hits it. Snakes can hear, but not their hearing mechanism is different from humans.

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